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Kaiden Kares Inc. helps to provide assistance to children with congential heart disease. We understand staying in a hospital and caring for your ill child can takes its toll on your body, mind and heart. Our goal is to provide assistance to the children and their families. We want to lessen the burden. We have established Kare Bags filled with items needed for the care giver and items for the child which will be given out to families during their child's hospital stay.

We want to offer support to families and it is our vision to strive to continue to build Kaiden Kares to offer support to as many families that we can.


Kaiden Kares Inc. can only achieve it’s goals with assistance with generous donations from members of our community. Without these donations, helping families who are affected with life-altering illnesses, would not be possible. Since our organization relies on the generosity of individuals like you, we are asking for your time and or support through providing donations in order for us to acheive our goals in helping the community during some of their life changing events.


Please feel free to contact any of us that are on the Kaiden Kares Board for any questions. Donations can be made using Paypal at, all checks can be made payable to: Kaiden Kares Inc. or cash deposits can be made at any local First Merit Bank.


Thank you for your generosity and support

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